Brick City Lights - LEGO® City Exhibit Videos

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Your subscription is either month to month or year to year and can be cancelled at any time. Either subscription plan can be canceled in advance of any renewal date even if you signed up for our monthly payment plan and only plan on keeping your subscription active for 1 month so that you can enjoy seeing our exhibit for a short time. There are no refunds if you cancel either plan prior to the next payment due date.

There are currently 29 videos totaling over 3 hours of viewing enjoyment in our video collection. We hope that you'll enjoy the magic of the world's largest known fully LED lit LEGO® city exhibit!

The goal of our one-of-a-kind LEGO® city exhibit is to foster creativity, imagination, curiosity, and inventiveness in children and adults of all ages. Seeing videos of our current fully LED lit LEGO® city exhibit which covers 274 baseplates is a totally unique experience, and is a must-see for anyone who has ever enjoyed building LEGO® brick kits. And even more exciting, we already own all of the LEGO® kits for our next exhibit build which will be six times the size of our current exhibit. Our next city exhibit will include over 90% of the kits released since 1980 suitable for a town display which have been released under various LEGO® themes. It will continue to be a museum-quality LEGO® city exhibit with lights which will cover over 1,500 baseplates and have a population of over 5,000 citizens!

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